If you're passionate about our environment and the role humans play within it - you'll have a place in this online bachelors degree program.  

You can focus on one of two distinct tracks, both rooted in a commitment to helping people understand and appreciate that their well-being is inextricably connected to the health of the natural world.

Sustainable Community Development (SCD) Track - You will engage in studies and experiential learning toward mastering knowledge and skill-sets that span four core content areas designed to support comprehensive and balanced knowledge of communities and their ecological, psychological, social, spiritual, and physical dynamics. Community-based research and outreach are emphasized.

Environmental Studies (ES) Track - In Environmental Studies you may choose to focus your degree in related areas such as Environmental Education, Agro-ecology, Environmental Policy, and Natural History, among others. You will master knowledge and skills in biological and earth sciences, field research methods, holistic management of natural resources at small and large scales, understanding the dynamics of environmental policy-making at various jurisdictional frames, and communicating with and educating members of the public and stakeholder groups to invite their participation in caring stewardship of the natural world. 

Unlike a traditional 100% online bachelors degree program, this is a limited residency program that requires you to attend orientation in Prescott, Arizona. It is also a hybrid program - meaning you will be working in your community and with mentors as well as online.

Course formats include:

  • Online and hybrid courses 
  • Mentored study academic courses
  • Mentored study internship courses

Completion Requirements: 

  • Attend New Student Orientation in Prescott, Arizona 
  • A minimum of 32 course equivalents 
  • A minimum of 120 semester credits 
  • A minimum of 16 courses in Environmental Studies & Sustainability 
  • Develop two breadths (similar to a minor) 
    • Breadth 1 is an elective, with a minimum of 8 courses 
    • Breadth 2 is the Liberal Arts

We also offer accelerated pathways into our online masters degree in environmental studies and sustainability so that you can take your education to the next level. Explore online masters degrees.

Sample Courses

Course Code Course Credits
SES47300UD Awakening Citizens to Community Engagement for Beneficial Change 4
SES47001UD Sustainability, the Environment, and the Arts 4

Application Requirements

  • Academic focus essay
  • Completed Application
  • Official transcripts

Career Outcomes

  • Conservation Biologist
  • Forest Service Researcher
  • Environmental Management
  • Regional Planner
  • Environmental Lawyer

Learning Outcomes

  • A strong foundation in the liberal arts with a foundation in critical thinking and creative problem-solving by engaging in a broad, interwoven range of models of inquiry
  • Ecological literacy that is based on an understanding of natural systems, and an examination of human impact on the integrity of those systems and the diversity of life
  • Global cultural literacy that involves both an academic and a personal understanding of the depth of our interdependence as human beings and communities
  • The skills and dispositions involved in lifelong learning include curiosity, transfer, independence, initiative, and reflection
  • Skills for inquiry, analysis, and synthesis that include the capacity to use research techniques, mathematics, and other qualitative and quantitative scholarly methods

This approach - to save the world one person, one canyon, one Ponderosa Pine at a time - is central to the Prescott College mission."

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