Earn your degree online without disrupting your life! Our online bachelors degrees provide you with the flexibility to stay in your community while earning your degree. You'll get to customize and tailor your degree so that you can study what inspires you. This is not a one-size fits all approach to college - this is you taking control of your education. You decide what you want to learn and we help provide the structure to make your educational dreams a reality. We're here to help guide you on your journey - you just have to take the first step and enroll. 

 Sustainable Community Development

Bachelor of Arts - Sustainable Community Development

Students study the physical environment of their community, the values, practices, and needs of humans who reside there, and the influences of, and access points to, relevant government and private enterprises whose activities affect the well-being of the community

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Arts - Interdisciplinary Studies

A Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies will allow you to craft your education around varied interests and passions. You’ll be empowered to blend courses from multiple disciplines, providing you with boundless opportunities to explore and discover what inspires you. By bridging together knowledge from various fields you’ll graduate with a solid understanding of how the world is interconnected and you’ll be prepared to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century.

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online bachelors degree sustainability

Bachelor of Arts - Environmental Studies

If you're passionate about our environment and the role humans play within it - you'll have a place in this online bachelors degree program.  

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online degree studying

Bachelor of Arts - Human Development

This online bachelors degree provides relevant and rigorous theoretical and experiential preparation in advocacy, community service, and the helping professions. You'll pursue courses and internships that provide perspectives on human needs and potential while encouraging personal growth and increasingly sophisticated communication skills. With guidance, you will design your own degree, choosing courses that align with your passions and interests. You will pursue mentorships that offer opportunities to learn from experts in your chosen field. 

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online bachelors teacher

Bachelor of Arts - Education & Teacher Preparation

Earn an online teaching degree by learning educational research and theory while gaining practical experience in the classroom. This online degree can lead you to a career making a difference in your community by earning a teaching certification in your home state. 

Unlike a traditional 100% online bachelors degree program, this is a limited residency program that requires you to attend orientation in Prescott, Arizona. It is also a hybrid program - meaning you will be working in your community and with mentors as well as online.

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online bachelors students

Bachelor of Arts - Arts & Humanities

best online art degreesExplore the many ways that humans relate to each other and their environments through a political, economic, social, cultural, historical or aesthetic lens. As an active artist or scholar, you'll increase awareness and participation in intercultural dialogues while examining your own and others’ beliefs. 

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