Students who have already earned a master’s degree from a regionally-accredited post-secondary institution and who are seeking Arizona School Guidance Counseling Certification, become eligible for a Prescott College Institutional Recommendation (IR) leading to Arizona School Guidance Counseling Certification upon successful completion of at least 32 designated certification semester credits in School Guidance Counseling course work.

Students must participate in orientation and attend graduate colloquia scheduled during the students’ enrollment. Students must complete all other Program or College requirements for the post-degree level of study.

Prescott College accepts up to 15 graduate semester credits in transfer course work from other regionally-accredited post-secondary institutions as long as College faculty members confirm that the courses and credits to be transferred meet College-established curricular standards and expectations. If a student is planning to obtain certification in a state other than Arizona, the student is required and responsible for research into that state’s certification requirements in order to ensure compliance. Upon successful completion of the post-degree study requirements, each student must apply to the College for an Institutional Recommendation (IR) for Arizona School Guidance Counseling Certification.

Please refer to the Gainful Employment Disclosure


Sample Courses

Course Code Course Credits
MASG 50112 School Guidance Counseling: Program Development 3
MASG 50111 Research Practices for School Guidance Counselors 3
MASG 51020 Supervised School Guidance Counseling Practicum 8

Career Outcomes

  • School Guidance Counselor