If you already hold a master’s degree in a field of mental health and would like to pursue additional training in adventure-based psychotherapy you can earn a post-master's certificate through this online program. 

The online counseling certificate program is designed for self-directed learners with some background in either mental health or outdoor/experiential education who wish to specialize in adventure-based intervention. Upon completion you will have competencies in both conventional psychotherapy and adventure therapy, including wilderness leadership (as desired), and you will be able to pursue a career in a range of settings, from educational to clinical.

Please refer to the Gainful Employment Disclosure

Sample Courses

Course Code Course Credits
MAEP51040 Foundations of Adventure-based Psychotherapy 3
MAEP51041 Treatment Applications in Adventure-based Psychotherapy 3
MAEP51042 Assessment and Interventions in Adventure Based Psychotherapy 3
MAEP51043 Ethics and Risk Mitigation in Adventure Based Psychotherapy 3
MAEP51044 Research in Adventure Based Psychotherapy 3

Career Outcomes

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Counseling Psychologist
  • Wilderness Therapist

Learning Outcomes

  • Professional competence in counseling skills and practice
  • The ability to integrate global and local issues with professional counseling practice
  • An awareness of the need to cultivate respect for cultural differences and similarities and the ability to apply this cultural sensitivity to the counseling profession
  • Identification and development of a personal theoretical knowledge base that promotes an intentional counseling practice
  • The skills to assess, develop, and apply interventions and techniques based on the culture, uniqueness, and needs of each client
  • An awareness and understanding of how to resolve ethical and legal issues in the counseling profession

It doesn't really feel like an online program...it feels like a residential program where we all just live in different places and come together and see each other every now and again."