Expressive Art Therapy blends a passion for art with the skills of counseling. The program follows the educational guidelines of the American Art Therapy Association and the International Expressive Art Therapy Association for becoming a registered expressive art therapist, and the requirements for licensure with the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. Students seeking licensure in other states must make sure that their degree program covers the necessary requirements of the licensing board in their state. Depending on the state licensure requirements, the Master of Science in Counseling with a concentration in Expressive Art Therapy will take two and half to three years to complete.

In combination with the courses required for professional licensure, the student will engage in study of the history, ethics, and practice of expressive art therapy. Expressive art therapies involve the use of visual art, music, movement, poetry, and performance, as well as the inter-modal application of these in therapy and healing.

The Master of Science in Counseling with a concentration in Expressive Art Therapy combines the 60 credit M.S. and the 30 credit coursework required for the Post-Masters Certificate in EAT into a 90 credit-hour program. This includes coursework, a supervised counseling practicum (in some cases a separate Expressive Art Therapy practicum), attendance at all colloquia, attendance at two Summer Institutes, and a capstone thesis paper.

Since 2002, students and mental health professionals from around the world have gathered at Prescott College for two weeks in July/August to take part in our annual Summer Institute. The goal of the Institute is to provide participants with a residency experience and the ability to study with the internationally renowned educators such as Cathy Malchiodi, Dariah K. Halprin, Pat Allen, Bruce Moon, and Cathy Moon. The Institute is very hands-on and a perfect venue in which educators, counselors, and students can learn in a supervised experiential learning environment. 

Sample Courses

Course Code Course Credits
MAAT51301 History and Theory of Expressive Art Therapy 3
MAAT51302 Materials and Techniques of Practice in Expressive Art Therapy 3
MAAT51303 Applications of Expressive Art Therapy 3
MAAT51304 Group Work and Dynamics in Expressive Art Therapy 3
MAAT51305 Assessment in Expressive Art Therapy 3
MAAT51306 Standards of Good Practice in Expressive Art Therapy: Ethical & Legal Issues 3
MAAT51308 Cultural Diversity in Expressive Art Therapy 3
MAAT59300 Advanced Expressive Art Therapy Elective 3

Application Requirements

  • $40 application fee
  • 2 Essays
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Completed Application
  • Current resume
  • Official transcripts
  • Portfolio of work

Career Outcomes

  • Expressive Art Therapist
  • Licensed Professional Counselor

Learning Outcomes

  • Professional competence in counseling skills and practice
  • The ability to integrate global and local issues with professional counseling practice
  • An awareness of the need to cultivate respect for cultural differences and similarities and the ability to apply this cultural sensitivity to the counseling profession
  • Identification and development of a personal theoretical knowledge base that promotes an intentional counseling practice
  • The skills to assess, develop, and apply interventions and techniques based on the culture, uniqueness, and needs of each client
  • An awareness and understanding of how to resolve ethical and legal issues in the counseling profession

Prescott College offers something really unique and that uniqueness involves having a program that weaves into the fabrics: somatics, eco-psychology, expressive arts therapy, equine therapy, adventure-based therapy. I'm learning from all of those people in my cohort."