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  • Two Letters of Recommendation: Applicants must submit two letters from academic or professional sources addressing your capability to complete graduate level work. Letters must contain the writer’s contact information and must explain the relationship to you. Letters can be collected via email through the online application process or may be emailed to directly by the recommender and from the recommender’s email address.
  • Personal Statement: In three to five pages, the applicant must integrate their thoughts around the two major themes described below into a comprehensive personal statement. The applicant should address each of the specific parts identified within each theme.
    1. Educational Goals:
      1. The events in your life that lead you to want to earn a graduate degree.
      2. How do you envision your life goals and professional aspirations changing as a result of this educational experience?
    2. Readiness to thrive in a graduate program in which the student, to a great degree, works independently and is required to demonstrate high levels of self-direction and motivation.
      1. Describe your experiences completing independent projects.
      2. Discuss how your existing support network will help you handle the sense of isolation that can occur when completing projects independently.
      3. What do you see as your strengths that will benefit you in a program such as this? What areas, if any, do you foresee that might pose a challenge to your success?
      4. Share your initial thoughts about the Student Teaching or Principal Internship experiences you will complete during your program. How will these experiences offer you the opportunity to explore the theories and demonstrate your learning in your field of study in a practical, real-world context?
  • Current Resume
  • Official Transcripts