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  • Personal Essay: This essay will allow the admissions committee to assess your academic writing skills to succeed in an academically rigorous graduate level program. We understand current and previous academic preparation, professional work experience, and personal life experience often informs a student’s decision to aspire to enroll into a graduate program. Therefore, in order for us to gain a better understanding of your personal and professional motivations and readiness for applying, we ask you to submit a well thought out essay of two to five pages, double- spaces that responds to the following essential aspects to be successful in our graduate program. Applicants are free to frame their response within the context of a proposed thesis topic, if they wish.
    • Your motivations for pursuing a graduate degree in this field of study.
    • Your background, experience, skills, and qualifications in the field, if any.
    • Your professional, academic, or personal aspirations as a result of obtaining this degree.
    • Your readiness to thrive in a graduate program which requires high levels of self-direction, motivation and academic rigor.
    • Your strengths and weakness as related to being successful in the program.
    • Your functional knowledge of an online learning module (Moodle), video conferencing (Zoom), electronic communications (Gmail), and desktop publishing software (MS Office suite).
  • Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae – which includes a reliable list of two to four professional or academic references with current contact information.
  • Official Transcripts