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In addition to the Master of Science in Counseling application requirements, applicants to the Expressive Art Therapy concentration must also submit at minimum a portfolio or demonstration of work. Along with artwork, please submit a brief descriptive statement which includes the date completed, title, medium, and size of each piece. A minimum of 12 slides or prints must be submitted. Applicants may choose to submit their work in a slide sheet, CD, DVD, or a link to a website that clearly identifies you as the artist. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your samples returned once the admissions process is complete.

Students must complete the following coursework with a letter grade of B or higher prior to or by the end of their first year in the Master of Science Program. Coursework must be completed at an accredited 2-year or 4-year institution.

Requirements of the American Art Therapy Association: 12 credits of Psychology coursework: Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology (Psychopathology), and Human Development. These three classes can be completed at a community college for those students who have not taken these courses during their undergraduate degree program. 18 semester credits in studio art (or 27 quarter credits) in studio based art courses. These must be completed before or during the first year of graduate art therapy training. Studio art coursework can be at the graduate or undergraduate level.

At least 12 credit hours must be completed prior to beginning the art therapy coursework. The remaining 6 may be completed after beginning the first art therapy course that will count toward the ATR credential, but must be completed within a year of beginning graduate coursework in art therapy.

Students must have a minimum of 3 semester hours (4 quarter hours) of credit in each of the following areas: drawing, painting, clay.

The remaining 9 semester hours (12 quarter hours) can be in studio processes of the applicant’s choosing.

In lieu of academic-based studio coursework, 6 credits of the Studio Art requirement may be demonstrated via a portfolio demonstrating advanced competency in drawing, painting, and/or clay work.